Extra Virgin Olive Oils - The Purest Kind of Oil Available

Published : 01/19/2018 12:12:05
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Extra Virgin Olive Oils - The Purest Kind of Oil Available

Extra virgin olive oil is very special and unique. The olive tree is considered the richest gift of the nature. However, shopping for the best sort of olive oil is not that pretty simple as the people think on the contrary it is more complicated than your assumption. Buying for the best quality extra virgin olive oil is not just a matter of going to the grocery store and picking up any bottle with the label of heavy discounts.

There is a plenty of different classifications and tastes that can’t be judged by every common person without having the right knowledge of the variations available in the market. It takes a strong mind and keen tongue to classify best quality oils. While extra virgin olive oil is considered the best type of olive oil in the world with perfect purity and zero defects, there are also some variations available in this particular segment.

The Definition of Extra Virgin -

A virgin is regarded as uncorrupted or the purest form of something. So, quite obvious extra virgin would be purer than the pure with a flavor of freshly harvested olives and zero adulteration. Since extra virgin is purest form of olive oil, it comes with the heavy price tag.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Types -

As said above, there are also some variations available in the category of extra virgin olive oil. Let’s find out what varieties or types of extra virgin available in the market of olive oils.

Coupage and Monovarietal -

The first difference is related to the type of oil. There are mainly two varieties of olive oils available in the market i.e. Blend and Monovarietal.

  •          Blend- Blend is a type that is elaborated with the juice of several different sorts of olives. This mixing of olives is done to get a very special taste of the liquid. This mixing of different olives seems very exclusive and attractive to the consumers.
  •          Monovarietal- The Monovarietal is a type that is carefully obtained from the same kind of olives. This particular variety is also very exclusive and seem alluring to the judicious palate.

Difference Based On The ColorOf The Oils -

When you head out to your local or go to shop extra virgin olive oils online, you will find that there is no any standard color available of the oil. They significantly vary from one another in their color attributes depending on brands, price, variety, flavor and so on. This variation of color ranges from gold to green. These colors are determined by the quantity of carotene and chlorophyll in oil. No matter what color of oil seems tempting to your taste or eyes, be sure on the point of quality since these color variations don’t compromise with the quality of olive oil.

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