Pasta Is the Nutritious Food Which Will Take Total Care Of Your Health

Published : 01/18/2018 12:04:31
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Pasta Is the Nutritious Food Which Will Take Total Care Of Your Health

Pasta is an Italian food which is loved and admired all over the world. It can be made healthy or calorie-heavy depending on the ingredients used. It is one of the most carbohydrate-rich cuisines loved by all. It is topped off with a savory sauce and also is served on its own with a drizzle of Extra Virgin olive oil. People also add noodles to casseroles, soups, and salads. As there are different types of pasta in the market, it can be difficult to choose the type of noodle to be used in different dishes.


It's made from semolina flour which comes from durum wheat. The durum wheat has a higher proportion of protein and gluten; it holds the shape well, stays firms and cooks well too. The pasta has many health benefits too, like it is cholesterol free, provides folic acid, and sustains energy. Pasta can be made a high-fiber dish by making a few additions. Even one can eat pasta even being on a gluten-free diet. Whole grain pasta cooked, with vegetables or lean meat is a very healthy meal by itself. Typically, pasta is made with rich tomato sauce. Few drops of olive oil within pasta make lycopene highly absorbable. Get pasta product online in Italyat the best prices. 

Here are some of the features of preferring pasta in your cuisine – 

  •          It is affordable because of its cheap ingredients. It is an affordable meal worldwide.
  •          Pasta is versatile too. People can have it as an appetizer, side dish, or the main meal. It comes as a salad or used for breakfast.
  •          Pasta is simple to make. It can be made easily by even beginner cooks and it comes with easy cleanup.
  •          Pasta comes in different shapes and there are countless possibilities for pairing pasta.
  •          Whole grain pasta protects against stomach and colon cancers.
  •          It also helps the reduction of weight and is low in fat too.
  •          Pasta is low in salts and thus it will prevent heart diseases, high blood pressure, and diabetes.
  •          It regulates the blood pressure and also helps prevent diabetes & obesity. 

Here is the list of different types of pasta –


  •          Farfalle
  •          Fusilli
  •          Penne

·         Bucatini

  •          Maccheroni
  •          Conchiglie
  •          Spaghetti


The presence of nutrition makes the dish healthy. It is a good source of carbohydrates and proteins. Both the nutrients tend to fuel up your body by providing energy that is released slowly over-time making it popular among the athletes. Fiber is needed for proper digestion and pasta has the right composition of fiber. Earlier pasta was considered as the food of the poor, but time has changed upside down now. This Italian cuisine is eaten with a little cheese flavor for a good taste. Pasta has a slightly yellow color which is from the carotenes which are naturally found in wheat flour. Pasta is not a fattening food, but make sure you mix the right type of sauce to make a difference to the nutrition of the dish. It is advisable to cook pasta in a generous amount of fast-boiling salted water and the dried pasta doubles in volume when cooked.

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