Pierazzuoli Extra Virgin Olive Oil Laudemio Tenuta Cantagallo 500ml

Intense Fruity

The Laudemio Cantagallo represents one between the excellence product of the Tuscany oil. Laudemio was born in 1986 as the first union in Italy for the protection of the quality of the Tuscany extra virgin olive oil.


very intense and persistent, fruit, reminding olives. Reminding notes of tomato.


elegant and fruity with an ideal persistence of the notes of artichoke and almond. Delicate final tendency of pungency and bitter.

Awards and Honors:

Into theTop50 of Der Feinshmecker


perfect to be drizzled over dishes such as salads, fish marinate, because thanks to its peculiarity of aroma and taste the food appears to be less creamy and less fat, enhancing the freshness of the product cooked. Frequently used for sauces that accompany first and second courses of meat and fish. It is suggested also with fried food because thanks to its high resistence to heat, it permits to improve food without ruining their nutritional facts. Recently it's a protagonist oil in a pastry-shop. Some sweets are made up replacing 'margarina' (extra fat) with extra virgin olive oil, with the result of obtaining sweets with really strong tastes but with the advantage of being light and easy to digest.

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      OriginCapraia e Limite - Firenze
      Olive Oil TypeIntense Fruity
      Olive varietiesFrantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino
      Harvest TimeEnd of October - November early
      Harvest formhand picking and mechanical harvesting
      ExtractionContinuous cycle 2 phases
      Oil mill ownedyes
      ColorLeuchtend Grün
      Harvest year2018
      Acidity0.22 %
      Polyphenols438 mg/Kg

      The Tenuta Cantagallo and the Farnete are owned by the family Pierazzuoli since 1970. The company has a total of more than 6000 olive trees of average age of about 50 years. It also has an oil company where you can follow all the stages of production of extra virgin, the mechanical harvesting to crushing and complete with filtration and bottling. The olive groves are located either on the Montalbano area Capraia and Limite where they produce the Laudemio in the area of Carmignano Comeana which is produced extra virgin olive oil The Farnete. The main varieties of olives held are: Frantoio, Leccino and Moraiolo for Laudemio; Frantoio and Moraiolo for Farnete.

      Awards and Honors:
      2013 - Laudemio Cantagallo included among the 50 best oils in the world by Der Feinschmecker 
      2013 - The Farnete Extra Virgin Olive oils included among the top 100 in the world by Der Feinschmecker

      Read more about Pierazzuoli >>>

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