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Legumes and Soups

Legumes and Legume Soups have long been marginalized from our table because they are mistakenly considered to be poor and difficult to digest products.
In recent years, legumes have been revived by modern food science that recommends their use as an alternative to animal-based protein products.
In Legumes and Legume Soups there is a high concentration of proteins, carbohydrates and starches, which add up to the richness of fiber and the lack of harmful substances for the body such as saturated fats and uric acids.
For this reason, legumes must be considered important elements for a healthy and correct diet; thanks to their great protein intake they are particularly suitable to satisfy the needs of a healthy organism.
Natural drying retains the taste and organoleptic qualities of legumes. This is an ancient method of conservation that maintains the natural and genuine product over time, totally free of preservatives.

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