ACQUERELLO Rice Carnaroli

Acquerello rice, grown and packaged at the Tenuta Colombara in the heart of the Vercelli rice fields, is the first aged Carnaroli rice in Italy, the only one reinstated with its bud, the most nutritious part of the rice. It is a unique rice in the world, chosen by the best chefs and by those seeking excellence in the kitchen. Acquerello demonstrated the importance of aging raw rice, in order to stabilize the starch to raise the organoleptic qualities of the product. Acquerello rice is aged for at least 1 year (for at least 7 years for 1% of the harvest) in steel silos: here the grain is stored in a refrigerator at a controlled temperature, below 15 degrees. Acquerello is the only rice in the world that is still bleached with an ancient method, that of the propeller, invented in 1875 and always considered the best. The propeller generates a slow rotating movement which allows a delicate rubbing 'bean against grain'. Only this method leaves each grain perfect, free from scratches or fractures, which would cause the rice to cook unevenly. The most exclusive process in the processing of Acquerello is the reintegration of the gem which has been patented. The bud is the vital part of the rice, the embryo of the new plant which contains the most precious nutrients of the rice, in particular the mineral salts and vitamins. The patent consists in reintegrating the bud (after having separated it from the chaff) into the grain of rice with a simple and mechanical method of mixing and slow rubbing between the rice and the bud to obtain the complete reabsorption of the bud in the external part of the grain. Thus Piero Rondolino realized the dream of every grain of white rice to maintain the most precious nutritional properties otherwise contained only in brown rice.

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