The Agrolio company was born from the passion and strong bond of the Agresti family to the land! The production of extra virgin olive oil began in the 1930s when Vincenzo Agresti, an agricultural entrepreneur from Andria, began its production using the Coratina variety olives and inaugurating a unique mill of its kind, with a controlled production chain up to bottled oil.
In the 90s the company grows and expands. In the new headquarters, the plants are renovated and the transformation process of Agrolio begins slowly.

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With the acquisition of additional land (going from 10 to 70 hectares) and with the help of technology, the company modernization begins, also applied to the packaging lines which become automatic, optimizing costs and delivery times for products and supporting distribution and sale.
Thanks to the sophisticated instrumentation and technology adopted, Agrolio shines in the panorama of the olive and agro-food sector.
The peculiarity of the company has traditionally always been that of being present in all stages of processing, from the cultivation of the olive tree to the constant monitoring of the territory; from the transformation of the product to storage up to bottling.

Awards and Honors:
- Gambero Rosso: "Tre Foglie" Opera Intenso Monocultivar Coratina 2019
- 24th International Prize Biol 2019: "Opera Delicato" for the Best Organic Extravirgin Olive Oil In The World
- Slow Food: Slow Olive, Agrolio Srl Selected Company, Olive Oil Campaign 2017-18
- Olive Japan International Virgin Oil Competition: Opera Intenso Winner, Silver Medal Award 2017
- Olive Japan International Virgin Oil Competition: Eccelso Bio Winner, Silver Medal Award 2016
- 10th China International Olive Oil Competition 2015