Antiche Tradizioni di Gragnano

The pasta production company Antiche Tradizioni di Gragnano descends from an old family of "maccaronari" currently in its fourth generation.
The engine of this pasta production unit is Tonino, as he walks in the steps of his great-grandfather, grandfather and father, who were once employees of the industrial pasta production plants of Gragnano. He began working as a pasta-maker in 1970, enriched by the experiences and secrets passed on to him by his family.
To this day, Tonino is aided by his sons, Alfonso and Pasquale in continuing the family tradition, as they represent the future of the company. "Antiche tradizioni di Gragnano" contributes with passion and mastery in honoring the reality of this territory, that has a history of more than "500 years" of pasta production. It is this history and tradition that leads our territory to be identified as "Gragnano the land of pasta".
The city of Gragnano in the province of Naples boasts the prestigious European PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) recognition. The PGI is a mark of quality that is attributed to agricultural products and food-stuffs that have a given quality, reputation or features that are the result of their geographical origin and have been produced or processed within a specific geographic area. Hence, to obtain the PGI, at least one phase of the production process must take place in a particular area. PGI producers must follow the strict rules set out within production specifications, and the compliance with these rules is guaranteed by control organisms.

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