Case d'Alto

CASE D’ALTO - extra virgin olive oil and red wines from Campania

The Case d'Alto farm was born from the desire to create excellent products strongly linked to the territory to which they belong: Irpinia, a land of great wines and great extra virgin olive oils.
The company is located in Campania, in the hills around Grottaminarda. Here the olive trees find an ideal climate to produce olives that give rise to an exceptional extra virgin olive oil.
The main varieties used in the production of oil are: Ravece, Leccio del Corno, Marinese and Olivella di Grottaminarda.
For the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil the Case d'Alto company has chosen to produce oils from green olives only, practicing an earlier harvest compared to tradition. This was a choice that penalizes the yield, but which amplifies the health properties of the product, making it a true elixir of life. Always preferring to have the right combination of tradition and experimentation, DOP oils and DOCG wines have been obtained at higher quality levels.

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