Cosmo Di Russo

Cosmo Di Russo

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Company Cosmo di Russo is produced in the south of Lazio, in Gaeta. The goal of the company, born in 2008, is to introduce the Itrana di Gaeta olive all over the world, with the production of olive oil and black and white olives. The Gaeta olives mature in a mild, ventilated climate with the right humidity. Olive trees receive water in a balanced manner throughout the year and grow lush in an area protected from thermal shocks and sudden changes in climate. Cosmo di Russo is the only company producing extra virgin olive oil on the territory of Gaeta and it has won many awards over the years.

Awards and Honors:
- Flos Olei 2018: score of 93/100
- Gambero Rosso - Guide to Italian oils 2018: 3 Leaves + score of over 90/100 in the final selections
- Sol & Agrifood Verona: International Sol d'Oro Competition 2018, Great Mention as Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Medium Fruity Category
- Concorso Sirena d'Oro 2018: Mention of Merit in the category of PDO/PGI
- Der Feinshmecker: Special Mention
- World's Best Olive Oils
- J.O.O.P. - Japan Olive Oil Prize, Gold Medal Award

- Flos Olei 2017: score of 90/100
- Gambero Rosso - Guide to the oils of Italy 2017,: 3 Leaves
- Sol & Agrifood Verona, Sol d'Oro International Competition 2017, Sol d'Oro Award in the Medium Fruity category
- Il Magnifico International Award 2017, Bronze Medal in the extra virgin olive oil category

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