The Dievole company produces extra virgin olive oil and wine in Tuscany, in the Chianti area, famous all over the world also for its many excellent products, among which the Chianti Classico Docg wine and the Extra virgin olive oil Dop Chianti Classico. Dievole counts on olive trees both in Tuscany and in the rest of Italy. This priceless heritage of plants, genetically unique and often handed down for centuries, is the starting point for producing a range of high quality extra virgin olive oil with a strong identity.

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Everything comes from the raw material: without quality olives you cannot obtain an extra virgin olive oil of excellence. P.
For this reason, each olive grove follows precise processing programs with the aim of bringing to light otherwise lost productions and re-proposing the aromas and flavors of unique oils with extraordinary sensory value.
At the time of collection, each production batch has its identity card, in the most absolute respect for traceability, to guarantee the full expression of a specific territory, whether it is linked to the Chianti Classico DOP, or to the expression of the Tuscan IGP or a 100% Italian.
The company oil mill, a state-of-the-art technological plant with a low oxidative impact, is able to preserve extra virgin olive oil as much as possible. Here all the selected olives are pressed within a few hours, according to the most absolute respect for traceability, without any addition of water, with low dispersion of vitamins and antioxidants and with immediate filtration after extraction. Each step is meticulous: the pressing speeds and technologies are set cultivar by cultivar and batch by batch; the kneading and exposure times of the pastes during the oxidation processes are calibrated and the extraction temperatures are constant and controlled.
This combination of technologies aims to keep Dievole's extra virgin olive oils as fragrant and exciting as freshly pressed for as long as possible.
At the end of the process, the extra virgin olive oil is stored in stainless steel protected from light at temperatures below 22 ° C and then vacuum-packed using a bottle that reduces the penetration effect of UV rays by 97%.