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Il Borgo del Balsamico

Il Borgo del Balsamico

Il Borgo del Balsamico is an Italian vinegar manufacturer from the vicinity of Reggio Emilia and Modena in the northern Italian region of Emilia-Romagna. The balsamic vinegars by Il Borgo del Balsamico you find in this online shop are exclusively of the highest quality: Balsamico Tradizionale DOP and Balsamico IGP. In addition to these traditional balsamic vinegars, Il Borgo del Balsamico also produces excellent wine vinegars, flavored vinegars, balsamic creams and dressings.Bon appetit!

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An excellent, real balsamic vinegar

The products of the vinegar manufacturer Il Borgo del Balsamico stand out in two ways: on the one hand by their outstanding quality, on the other hand by their original presentation and packaging.

The former undoubtedly lies in the careful production and above all in the long, natural ripening of the balsamic and wine vinegars. Because at the seat of the family-run manufactory, an old country estate in Botteghe di Albinea, the various batches of cooked and fermented grape must mature in ancient, dark barrels.

Most of these dates from the 18th and 19th centuries and were once owned by noble families from the provinces of Reggio Emilia and Modena. - We remember: Up until well into the 19th century, the production of aceto balsamic vinegar was a privilege of the nobility, to whom the "black gold" served, in addition to its own consumption, primarily as a bridal dowry, investment and security.

As far as the presentation of the products is concerned, this follows a clear concept, the "color code": Aubergine is reserved for the Aceto balsamico Tradizionale DOP, i.e. the traditional balsamic vinegar with a maturity of 12 or 25 years. Yellow, orange and red, however, are used for the Balsamico di Modena IGT and the condimenti , i.e. the dressings.

The four colors appear both on the packaging and on the labels of the small glass bottles they contain. The colored, nicely designed boxes made of sturdy cardboard are lined to protect their contents.

Each glass bottle is sealed individually by hand - with real sealing wax and embossing stamp.

Behind the concept is the endeavor to provide consumers with a clear and reliable orientation in today's confusion of information, labels and labels. Incidentally, during the implementation company manager Cristina Crotti was able to draw on her family's many years of experience in the fashion industry - after all, it is also about the perfect "packaging". And she is convinced: Aceto balsamico is a specialty that is unique in the world; it forms a cornerstone of Italian cuisine and gastronomy. Preserving this treasure, defending it and communicating its qualities to connoisseurs all over the world in a clear and understandable manner is a matter of the heart for Cristina as well as a necessity.

Balsamico Tradizionale DOP di Reggio Emilia

Traditional balsamic vinegar with a DOP seal may only be produced from cooked must from grapes from the Modena and Reggio Emilia province in the northern Italian region of Emilia-Romagna. No other ingredients are allowed.

The three DOP vinegars from Il Borgo del Balsamico come from the province of Reggio Emilia. The colors for labels and seals are precisely defined in the regulations: aragosta, i.e. salmon - more precisely: crawfish red or silver is given to a Balsamic DOP from Reggio Emilia if it has been aged in wooden barrels for at least 12 years, while gold is for Balsamic vinegars reserved for at least 25 years of ripening.

Whether a 12-year-old balsamic vinegar can now carry the salmon-red or the (higher-quality) silver label depends on the number of points that a panel of specialist tasters awards in the prescribed sensory test.

The Balsamico Tradizionale di Reggio Emilia Aragosta develops its very full and rich taste after more than twelve years of storage. It is ideal for seasoning vegetables and tasting sauces.

Buy Balsamico Tradizionale Orange

The Balsamico Tradizionale di Reggio Emilia Argento matures in old oak barrels for over fifteen years. During this time it develops its full, rich taste and develops a very special character. This high-quality balsamic vinegar is ideal for refining sauces, beef fillet and game. Also try it to taste a salad made from fresh strawberries!

Buy Balsamico Tradizionale Silver

Balsamic vinegar Tradizionale Bollino oro: The latter, i.e. the golden label, is only allowed to wear this balsamic vinegar after at least 25 years in the wooden barrel. For this top product from Il Borgo del Balsamico, old French oak barrels from the 18 came. century. At Il Borgo del Balsamico, these are lined up on the walls of former riding stables and other farm buildings belonging to the Crotti family estate in the tranquil village of Botteghe di Albinea near Reggio Emilia, next to Modena the second place of origin for Balsamico Tradizionale.
Its broad < strong> Bouquet owes this balsamic extravecchio to 25 years of aging in old wooden barrels rich in history and fragrances. By the way, its soft and extremely multifaceted taste make this noble drop an excellent digestif. enjoyed pure in this way, it reveals its entire complexity of intense scents and aromas. Also try it as a dip with raw food!

Buy Balsamico Tradizionale Gold 25 Jahre

Balsamico Tradizionale - uses in the kitchen:

Lovers of salty dishes appreciate a few drops of balsamic vinegar with fine, very mature cheeses such as Parmesan, Pecorino, Stilton or very old Gouda. However, for those who prefer sweets, we recommend trying this excellent, mild balsamic vinegar with custard, chocolate cake, ice cream or berries. It is also ideal for filling cakes, panettone and strudel.

Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP

Here you buy real balsamic vinegar from Modena IGP - the “protected geographical indication” IGP also refers to the province of Reggio-Emilia.

Because unlike the Balsamico Tradizionale DOP, the Aceto Balsamico IGP does not differentiate between the two origins. In both cases, you still have a high-quality balsamic vinegar in the bottle. The Aceto Balsamico di Modena is characterized by its dark brown color and its distinctive, sweet and sour taste.

This is created on the one hand by the mixture of cooked grape must with some (maximum 10%) high-quality wine vinegar, from which the Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP consists. On the other hand, it is thanks to the long maturity in wooden barrels, which must be at least 60 days.

All IGP balsamic vinegars from Il Borgo del Balsamico even stay in wooden barrels for at least three years.

At Il Borgo del Basamico, the ripening time can be read from the color of the label and packaging: the darker the color, the longer the time that the balsamic vinegar has spent in wooden barrels (made of French oak).

In addition, this color code gives a hint for use in the kitchen: The products with yellow label are particularly suitable for salad dressings and marinades because of their fresh and slightly pungent taste.

The balsamic vinegars with orange label, in turn, are a perfect seasoning for meat and fish dishes of all kinds, but are also ideal for vegetable dishes.

To get a sweet and sour sauce, it is advisable to add the vinegar only towards the end of the cooking time. The more robust Balsamico Tinello Orange Label is also perfect for fried and grilled foods.

Finally, the producer created the two balsamic vinegars with the red label for particularly refined dishes: a few drops of these mildly (and in the truest sense of the word) "balsamic" vinegars with fresh strawberries thanks to their extra long maturation, Ice cream or matured, real Parmesan give these desserts that certain something. "The red" is also a pleasure with raw food - however, it does not tolerate heat, so it should not be used for cooking.

The variants from the Tinello series filled in cylindrical bottles follow the same color code and are therefore suitable for a similar use in the kitchen as their companions in the round piston bottle. The difference to the latter is a slightly higher acidity of 6%, while the vinegars in the flasks are below.

The balsamic vinegars of the Tinello series have a somewhat tart and acidic taste.

What does Tinello mean?

The name, by the way, plays with the double meaning of the word: tinello means on the one hand keg - an allusion to the small wooden barrels in which all Balsamico IGP ripen - on the other hand it is the kitchen-cum-living room of earlier times meant: A reference to the more robust nature of these vinegars.

Wine and apple cider vinegar from Il Borgo del Balsamico

In addition to its balsamic vinegars with IGP and DOP seals, the Il Borgo del Basamico manufactory produces a range of classic wine and apple cider vinegars. The small program includes white and red wine vinegar with strong, but perfectly integrated acidity, an extremely mild white vinegar and a fruity-fresh apple cider vinegar.

The White wine vinegar Il Tinello stands out with its full-bodied taste and a subtly acidic-spicy aroma , It is made from white Italian grapes using a natural fermentation process. The combination of acidity and a light wood note harmonizes especially with vegetables, lettuce, beef fillet and fish. Also ideal to use in conjunction with Balsamic Vinegar I.G.P.

The Red wine vinegar Il Tinello characterizes its full-bodied aroma combined with a slightly acidic-spicy note , The vinegar produced from Italian red wine grapes by means of a natural fermentation process is particularly suitable for seasoning raw and cooked vegetables, but can also be used excellently in the preparation of roasted meat, especially braised meat.

Mild white vinegar

For everyone who likes very light (and very mild) sauces: This extremely light balsamic dressing based on white wine vinegar impresses with its almost white color and its extraordinary mildness (only 4% acid). Both are achieved by adding concentrated white grape juice. In order for the latter to retain its bright color, it is not thickened by cooking, but in a mechanical way. - Ideal seasoning for fish and vegetable dishes, but also suitable for sweet dishes.

The Apple Cider Vinegar Millemele Il Tinello consists of apple juice (25%), wine vinegar and grape juice. Perfect for fresh, summery vinaigrettes. This naturally vinegar-scented vinegar is also ideal for tasting vegetable soups and for marinades. It gives fruity acidity to light sauces.

Il Borgo del Balsamico: A view of the vinegar factory

The vinegar manufactory Il Borgo del Balsamico has only existed since the early 1990s and is therefore still a fairly young company. Nevertheless, the small company, founded by sisters Cristina and Silvia Crotti, has already won several awards.

Above all there are first prizes at the Palio Matildico, the most important competition for the best traditional balsamic vinegars from the province of Reggio-Emila, organized by the time-honored producer association Confraternità dell'Aceto.

However, the two sisters did not start their vinegar production out of nothing: Instead, they were able to build on the preparatory work of their father Renzo, who had been making balsamic vinegars for many years as a hobby. For Renzo Crocci, this slowness of employment offset the hectic everyday life of the fashion industry in which he worked.

The balsamic vinegars and other products are produced on the family's spacious estate in the town of Botteghe di Albinea, about 12 km from Reggio Emilia.

Those who visit the estate of the Crocci first step through an imposing, high iron grille gate, which, somewhat recessed, interrupts the long, high stone wall that shields the property from the street. From there, the path leads to the villa, which is also the family's residence. The terracotta country house is flanked by farm buildings, including former riding stables, barns and a coach house.

Photo Il Borgo del Balsamico

The 200-300 year old barrels are also housed there, in which the black gold, as the aceto balsamic is often called, slowly matures. Contrary to normal practice, the wooden barrels are not stacked next to each other, but stacked in up to six rows, which makes it more difficult to transfer from one barrel to another.

The former farm buildings, which with their columns and cross arches are reminiscent of a monastery, surround a stone-paved, green courtyard, which is adjoined by a giardino all'italiana - an Italian-style garden that is to be supplemented by a rose garden, and an extensive park, in which rabbits and deer are also at home.

If you would like to visit this wonderful place full of peace and quiet, you are cordially invited. If you want to stay longer, lovingly furnished holiday rooms are available.