La Contarina

La Contarina is a small olive mill in the east of Verona, housed in an ancient 1600 farmhouse.
The producer loves to transform his production through advanced and innovative techniques such as refrigerating olives before squeezing, filtering freshly extracted oil and storing it in inotyped barrels throughout the storage period before being packed into elegant bottles often destined for regalia.
Production techniques are strictly environmentally friendly. The production comes from over 1000 olive trees, some multicentennials, with varieties of olives Grignano, Leccio, Leccio del Corno, Casaliva, Pendolino, Favarol, Moraiolo, which are harvested by hand from the first days of October, cooled in a special cell and molite with a continuous two-step method. The oil is then filtered and stored in stainless steel barrels during the same collection day.

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