Le Tre Colonne

Le Tre Colonne

The Le Tre Colonne is active in the production of extra virgin olive oil for over three generations. At the base of the inspiration of the principles of the company owned by the family Stallone, there are solid values. These three principles are: Tradition, Taste, Authenticity.

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The company is located in Puglia, in Giovinazzo near Bari, and is located on the coast of Puglia. It has about 25 hectares of olive trees for a total of nearly seven thousand plants, and an oil of the latest generation. The latter, together with a careful and rigorous selection of olives and a meticulous control of the whole chain (ranging from harvesting to pressing to bottling), produces high-quality extra virgin olive oil. The confirmation of the quality of the final product is confirmed by the numerous awards and prizes in recent years by Company Le Tre colonne both nationally and internationally.

Awards and Honors:
Der Feinschmeker
Olio Capitale
Ercole Olivario
Orciolo d'Oro
Oro d'Italia
Flos Olei
Oro di Puglia
Oro dei due Mari
Gambero Rosso, Slow Food, A.i.r.o.
New York Olive Oil Competition
Los Angeles Olive Oil Competition