Lucia Di Meo

The Extra virgin olive oil Di Meo is produced by the farm Lorizzo Valentina with olives from organic farming.
The land and trees are located within 'agro' Corato and Andria (the city with the highest density of olive trees per square kilometer in the world) situated on a hill a few miles from the sea.
The production reflects the values of the tradition and culture of the area and is also enriched by innovation in relation to production techniques. Processing olives in the mill is immediate with cold extraction. Attention to work in the mill is run by experienced professionals, with which you treat all the details of production, the temperatures at the time of processing. The process of milling is studied in a scientific manner in order to make the most of the Cultivar Coratina, and offer a product organoleptically balanced and commercially very valuable.

Awards and Honors:
- 1th place in the "Medium Fruity" - ERCOLE OLIVARIO, Spoleto, March 2014
- "Coraggio di fare Impresa Agricola" - ERCOLE OLIVARIO, Spoleto, March 2014
- Special mention to ORCIOLO D'ORO - Gradara 2014
- GOLDEN MEDAL to BIOL, Andria 2014
- 3 FOGLIE in GAMBERO ROSSO, Verona Vinitaly 2014
- 3 SOLI in EVENTI DOP, Perugia, March 2014

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items