The farm Marfuga knows that each fruit has its best time for harvest: some olives are picked in prematuration to get extra virgin olive oil fruity and fragrant, to be used strictly raw, partly the right ripeness to get more balanced oil with a light fruity and with a great capacity and versatility of combinations. in the months of October, November and December the harvest is done entirely by 'hand picking', preserving the drupes by trauma caused by the fall in the ground, thus remaining intact.

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Active filters

To obtain a high quality olive oil, the olives are processed within 12-24 hours of being picked. The Marfuga mill operates at a controlled temperature between 25° and 27° in a continuous cycle.
Warehousing and storage of oil is carried out in a temperature controlled, in stainless steel tanks with nitrogen, thereby preserving the product from rapid oxidation. The bottling is always done directly by the Company. After a short period the oil is subjected to a natural filtration process to cartons, which does not change absolutely its qualitative characteristics, nutritional and organoleptic.
The extra virgin olive oil is bottled in the Company based on orders that are received on a daily basis, allowing the oil to always fresh to the final consumer.

Awards and Honors:
- ERCOLE OLIVARIO (1st Place 2013 - 2nd Place 2016)
- SIRENA D'ORO di SORRENTO (1° Place 2006 - 3rd Place 2013)