Marina Palusci

Marina Palusci

The Marina Palusci farm is located in Abruzzo, in the municipality of Pianella, where limestone and clay hills offer the perfect context to carry on an olive growing of other times. It is a family story that begins with the great grandfather Emanuele and today reaches the fourth generation with Massimiliano Daddario always in Biodynamic cultivation. Today the company expands on about 60 hectares divided into 18 plots in a perfect microclimate. This area is located less than 20 kilometers from the sea and equidistant from the mountains, giving the olive trees that arise there a unique biodiversity, aided by the winds that come from the mountains and sea breezes that reduce humidity.

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Awards and Honors:

  • Flos Olei 95/100
  • Monocultivar Olive Oil Celletti: Top Gold 2022 - I Oil
  • Olio Geniale Bio 2022 Celletti: 1° Posto Gold Metal - Oliomania
  • Sial Olive D’or 2022: Design Special Prize Winner - Rinascimento
  • Der Feinschmecker: Best Twenty Extravirgin Olive Oil In The Word
  • Ercole Olivario: Amphora Olearia - Oliomania
  • Joop Prize Japan: Gold Medal - L’uomo Di Ferro
  • Evooleum: Top 50 - L’uomo Di Ferro
  • Maestro D’olio: Corona D’oro – L’uomo Di Ferro
  • Mercacei . Best Label Premio Marcas - Alchimia
  • Biol 2022: . Top Biol Abruzzo Evo Oliomania
  • Biol 2022: . Extra Gold Medal Oliomania
  • Airo: Best Evoo Abruzzo - Oliomania
  • Merum :Green Heart - L’uomo Di Ferro
  • Merum: Green Heart - Ioil
  • Il Magnifico: Extra Quality 2022 Olive Oil - I Oil
  • Il Magnifico: Extra Quality 2022 Olive Oil - Oliomania
  • Bibenda: 5 Gocce Eccelenza L’uomo Di Ferro
  • Slow Food: Grande Olio - Oliomania
  • Slow Food: Grande Olio - I Oil
  • Gambero Rosso: Tre Foglie - I Oil
  • Gambero Rosso: Due Foglie Rosse - Oliomania
  • Gambero Rosso: Due Foglie Rosse - L’uomo Di Ferro
  • Leone D’oro: Selezione - Oliomania
  • Assam 2022