The production of high quality extra virgin olive oils Monterisi started since the mid-nineteenth century. Small view of the reality of Apulian food, always located in an area devoted to olive tree, located halfway between the Murgia hills and the Adriatic Sea, in the town of Andria.
The property has more than 3 hectares of specialized olive grove, where they planted 840 trees with only one sixth of Coratina traditional system, ventilated by breezes salt and, indirectly, of course, protect against attacks of the fly. Oil in the last campaign were collected 235 tons of olives, which have allowed us to produce about 35 liters of extra virgin olive oil.
Since 1992, the company is direct engagement and results Monterisi Nicholas, who continues the family tradition with a capacity of passion for the extra virgin olive oil. Agricultural expert of experience, taster and picker oils since 1996, in 2004, complements its already extensive skills with a master's degree in oil extraction, to develop even further its oil through the use of technologies and methods for extracting more more advanced.

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