The family Muraglia manufactures extra virgin olive oil from 5 generations from more than 80 years. The oil is cold extracted in accordance with the traditional methods directly from olives grown in 2-owned farms of the Muraglia family. 
The Muraglia Mill is investing heavily in research and development by interpreting the trends and needs of the target market. The range of products offered by the Muraglia Mill is designed to meet the most demanding markets and is currently present in over 25 countries around the world becoming over the years a reference in the international market of extra virgin olive oil.
The strength is the ability to create a modern business model that combines perfectly tradition and innovation in its products. Even today, the ancient Muraglia Mill receives great appreciation by consumers, thanks to an extra-virgin olive oil packed with passion and with the experience that comes from generations of growers

Awards and Honors:
AIS (Italian Association of Sommeliers): Oscar for best oil collected in 2012 
AIS (Italian Association of Sommeliers): the '5 drops' in the last 8 years 
Slow Food "due Olive" in 2009 and 2011

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