Passo della Palomba

The Passo della Palomba farm has a long time experience in the cultivation of the olive tree present in the property.
All the production phases are performed with a lot of work and passion: from cultivation to harvesting, to milling and packaging to preserve intact the aromas of the extra virgin olive oil, .
In the estate of about thirteen hectares of land there are about 4600 olive trees, of the following varieties of olives: Moraiolo, Leccino, Frantoio, San Felice, Dolce Agoggia and Pendolino. Two monocultivars (Moraiolo and Leccino) and a Blend are produced. Harvesting is done early and manually starting from the second half of October; the olives are cold-pressed within a few hours in the two-phase company crusher. The result is olive oil rich in inebriating aromas and an intense green color. The time factor is an essential factor to produce oils of exceptional quality: you must collect the olives early when the aromas are still alive. The yield of an early squeezing is obviously lower, but the quality that is obtained is infinitely superior.
The olives, as soon as they are harvested, are taken to the oil mill within a few hours and immediately pressed. The company's continuous cycle and two-phase oil mill is very modern to guarantee an unpolluted and cold-pressed cold pressing that preserves all the antioxidant components that are beneficial for health.
The olive oil is processed under nitrogen and bottled (always under nitrogen) in dark bottles to prevent oxygen and light from altering its organoleptic qualities.

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