The production of Extra virgin olive oil Persiani begins in the heart of Abruzzo since 1976, when Mattia Persiani with his wife Tini Helvia have created a company for the development of a quality agriculture, open to 'innovation, but always with respect for the environment and traditions.
Today, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Persians, the Extra virgin San Martino Organic, has become one of the main landmarks of the landscape of Abruzzo in the production of quality olive oil. All this was also favored by environmental position and the nature of the land where they develop the olive groves, in the hills between the Gran Sasso and the Adriatic Sea, which are particularly suited to olive.
The Company operates in Organic Agriculture Persians with olive surface of about 6000 olive trees on over 20 acres with no processing intensive land, fertilizing natural and completely excluding the use of pesticides.

Awards and Honors:
2014 - International Bio Andria Gold Medal
2014 - AVPA Paris Olio Persiani SILVER MEDAL
2013 - Orciolo D'Oro Pesaro 1°th position Bio Category

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