The Company Quattrociocchi is situated among the old-centuries olive trees on the sunny hills of Alatri, near Frosinone, in the heart of Ciociaria. Since 1888 the Quattrociocch family i is dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees, handing over the years this passion and keeping during the time the full respect of tradition.  Americo Quattrociocchi, grandson of the founder, produces its oil by promoting it on the best international markets and receiving prestigious awards. The olives are picked by hand and pressed daily in the mill of property as not to lose flavor and fragrance. The hand-picked allows to make a selection of the best olives in order to obtaining a high-quality oil and ensuring a longer shelf life. The system of oil extraction is cold so that the fruit is gently pressed in order to produce an oil-grade green gold, clean perfume oil with a fruity taste, the pride of the company. The entire manufacturing cycle occurs at a temperature below 27 ° C, which is the threshold to define the maximum allowable cold pressing; everything happens inside stainless steel tanks to ensure perfect preservation of the product that will remain within these containers until bottling. Is not carried out any type of filtering.

Awards and Honors:
- Ercole Olivario
  - International Prize BIOL
  - Sol d'ORO
  - Der Feinshmecker
  - Flos Olei 2011 and 2013

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Showing 1 - 12 of 95 items