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 Quattrociocchi olive oils

The company of Quattrociocchi family is surrounded by ancient olive groves in the middle of the Ciocaria. This area of land, characterized by rolling hills, extends around 90 km southeast of Rome around the town of Frosinone in the Italian region of Lazio.

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Olive oil producers from Italy with over 100 years of tradition

Americo QuattrociocchiThe Quattrociocchi family can look back on more than 100 years of tradition in the cultivation and processing of olives: In fact, the first olive trees were planted on the estate as early as 1888.
Today Americo Quattrociocchi , Grandson of the founder, continues this tradition in an effort to continuously improve the quality of its olive oils.

This is how Quattrociocchi olive oil is produced

The production of high quality olive oils by Quattrociocchi takes place entirely in-house, from the cultivation and harvest of the olives to the oil in the bottle. First, the olives are harvested by hand and then brought to the man-made oil mill.
There they are cleaned of impurities, washed and finally cold pressed. The pressing takes only a few hours and takes place at temperatures below 27 degrees. The result of this gentle processing are top quality olive oils, which are characterized by their extremely fruity aroma and a particularly low acidity.
These properties and the high quality of the olive oils from Quattrociocchi are also based on two other factors: firstly, the olives are harvested while still green , secondly, the oil is stored in stainless steel tanks without oxygen contact. The latter ensures a long shelf life. The latter and the fact that the oil is stored in stainless steel tanks without oxygen until it is filled also ensure a long shelf life.

The varieties of olives

Quattrociocchis use Itrana, Leccino and Moraiolo olives for their high-quality oils. All three varieties are also used to produce pure olive oils, each bearing the name of the variety.
Particularly noteworthy is the BIO OLIVASTRO Olive Oil with the black label. It is made exclusively from organically grown olives of the Itrana variety.

Online Shop

All Quattrociocchi's olive oils are available in our online shop. In addition to the olive oils, we also offer whole, pickled olives of the varieties Bella di Cerignola and Nocellara del Belice.
You can choose between green and black olives and olives choose in organic quality. The olives pickled in brine are excellent as antipasto as well as side dishes to main dishes.

Multiple test winner: the Quattrociocchi olive oils

Over the years, Americo Quattrociocchi has received numerous national and international awards for his products: evidence that his unwavering pursuit of excellent quality bears fruit.
His olive oils were awarded in several categories: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, medium and intense fruity olive oil and Extra virgin olive oil BIO.

In 2017, three oils from Quattrociocchi received the coveted Olio Award from the gourmet magazine Der Feinschmecker:

  • Olive Oil Classico
  • Olivastro BIO
  • Superbo BIO 

The Italian olive oil producer has also received great recognition for his olive oils in the "intensely fruity taste" category: for example in 2010 at the International Sol D'oro Competition , one of the world's most important competitions in the industry, or at Feinschmecker Olio Award 2011 .

OLIVASTRO - the most awarded

In 2013, Quattrociocchi's OLIVASTRO was recognized as the best olive oil in the world at the New York International Olive Oil Competition .
Also among other prestigious olive oil OLIVASTRO emerged as the winner:
So it was Flos Olei, the "Gambero Rosso for olive oils", twice ( 2011 and 2013) best extra virgin olive oil .
At Olive Japan 2012, OLIVASTRO finally won the gold medal in the extra virgin olive oil category.

Extra virgin olive oils

OLIVASTRO Bio Olive Oil 500ml

OLIVASTRO Bio Olive Oil Can 3 L

OLIVASTRO Bio Olive Oil Can 5 L

Organic Olive Oils from Quattrociocchi

In our opinion, Americo Quattrociocchi was the most successful with its organic olive oils. His Extra Vergine in this category were test winners several times and were awarded important prizes. Here are just a few examples: 

- FLOS OLEI: Hall of Fame Score: 100/100 OLIVASTRO
- SOL D’ARGENTO: Medium Fruity Category SUPERBO
- DER FEINSCHMECKER: 1st Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the World - Medium Fruity SUPERBO
- IL MAGNIFICO: Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the year CLASSICO
- ERCOLE OLIVARIO: 1st Best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil OLIVASTRO
- GAMBERO ROSSO: Best Blend Special Award
- JOOP (Japan Olive Oil Prize): Best in class - Gold Medal
- OLIVES JAPAN: Best in class
- NYIOOC (New York International Olive Oil Competition): Gold Medal

- FLOS OLEI: Hall of Fame Score: 100/100 CLASSICO
- BIOL: 1st Best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the World - SUPERB - DER FEINSCHMECKER: 1st Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the World - Intense Fruity CLASSICO
- ERCOLE OLIVARIO: 1st Best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil OLIVASTRO

Other products from Quattrociocchi

Over the years, the Quattrociocchi have expanded their product range and now offer spreads and olive pastes in addition to olive oil and olives, as well as sweets such as jams and jams. Of course, only first-class ingredients are used for this. With their products, the Quattociocchi family wants to give everyone who enjoys them the opportunity to taste a piece of their home. We wish you "Buon appetito"!