Trappeto di Caprafico

In Abruzzo, near the Maiella National Park, is produced the Extra virgin olive oil of Trappeto of Caprafico at an altitude of 420 meters. 
The company was founded in 1874 and acquired its current name in 1948 when it was equipped with an oil mill (Trappeto). 
The cultivation of the more than 3500 olive trees, all of the property, and aged between 60 and 130 years old, is influenced by the proximity of the pristine nature of the Maiella massif that affects the climate by creating a true oasis climate particularly suitable for the cultivation of olive trees. 
The olive harvest usually starts in the second week of October to be completed within the month of November, and is done entirely by hand only with the help of rounded and nets. The olives are then manufactured in a traditional mill and cold-pressed in a mill in a continuous loop, so soon after harvesting the olives are pressed immediately and defoliant. The preservation is made in stainless steel containers saturated with nitrogen to prevent the oxidation process. 
Since 2004 the company Trappeto of Caprafico is certified organic across the surface.

Awards and Honors:
Ercole OLIVARIO 2014 2° Classified Intense Fruity PDO Category
Ercole OLIVARIO 2014 Special Award Best Organic
Orciolo d'oro 2014 1° Classified Medium Fruity PDO Category
Orciolo d'oro 2014 2° Classified Light Fruity Organic Category
Sol d'oro 2014 Mention Organic Category
Bio Press 2014 1° Classified Light Fruity
Sol d'oro 2014 3° Classified Light Fruity
Guida Merum 2014 2 Hearts
Los Angeles International Competition 2014 Best of Class Gold
Guida Gambero Rosso 2014 3 Foglie
Guida Slow Food 2014 Chiocciola

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items