DOC wines and DOCG wines

DOC wines and DOCG wines

The DOC and DOCG brands are very common in the world ofwinebut not everyone knows what the difference is.

The DOC brand stands for Controlled Designation of Origin indicates wines that are produced with grapes harvested in a specific area. The acronym is indicated on the labels to indicate that the wine is a product made with raw materials from a specific area and following a precise production disciplinary.

The DOCG brand stands for Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin and gives greater prestige to the label.

The main differences between DOC and DOCG brands are:

  • a DOC wine is a wine that has maintained the IGT (Typical Geographic Indication) designation for at least 5 years.
  • a wine that has been at least 10 years among the DOCs can become DOCG.

Not all DOCs become DOCGs. This "step" occurs only for wines that pass certain organoleptic and chemical-physical analyzes.

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